Here you can find some of my designs using Mono-Tool. Submit your work via to be featured. I'd be happy to see what you come up with!

»Mono-Tool« is an interactive artwork and design tool developed by Lena Weber. The tool invites designers to play with Lena's stylistic elements, create new shapes and compositions with a random twist. The tool is an endless source of colorful poster designs, made from graphic elements, especially made to fit together seamlessly. Regardless of the current user Mono-Tool creates a coherent output which is predetermined by design. Mono-Tool strips the user of the ability to influence the aesthetic of the output deeply, while opening the opportunity to experiment within specific limitations. Mono-Tool is an »open« artwork made from few components. It only exists in the moment a composition is laid down. The user can choose from 3 different modular shape kits and 3 gradient modes. The shapes can be puzzled together to create new abstract shapes while always being subject to the predestined aesthetic. The clear vector shapes can be paired with colorful gradients that dock onto the shapes but can also create their own compositions within the limitations of the grid. The interactive artwork was created withing a project researching and collecting aspects of a grid, with the goal to draw new inspiration from this topic.